Aukakalnis in the village of Doškonys

Mythological places

The hill, which also resembles a slightly flattened pyramid, is bound on three sides of Lake Daugai (also known as Lake Didžiulis). In pagan times, sacrifices were offered here (hence the name of the hill, auka meaning sacrifice). Archeologists have discovered the remnants of the hill, where priestesses tended a fire in honour of Perkūnas (the Baltic god of thunder). When they refused to continue tending it, Perkūnas was angered and struck the castle with fiery lightning. The castle shattered into tiny pieces which were forcefully driven into the slopes of the hill. Today, if one looks carefully, pebbles from the remnants of the castle can be seen on the slopes.
Aukakalnis is listed on the Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Lithuania.


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