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Bazorai Mound

Mounds, Alytus district

Bazorai mound is on a separate hill, on the left bank of Punelė, in Bazorai village. The top field is oval and oblong, while the slopes are of average steepness. For a long time, the mound has been ravaged: the top field has been ploughed, and gravel has been excavated on the southern slope. At the foot of the mound, there was a settlement. East of the mound, there is a necropolis, and old people used to say that some giants were buried there, therefore, people would not plough the land there. 
The mound dates back to the 1st millennium. It is hard to find.

Bazorų k., Pivašiūnų sen., Alytaus r.
GPS: 54.435533, 24.151221 (WSG)

Author of photograph A. Balčiūnas