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Town fountain in Butrimonys

Fountains, Alytus district

A couple of years ago, the only triangular square in Lithuania was renovated in Butrimonys, included in the list of Urbanistic monuments. Its unique highlight is the fountain, the only one of its kind in Lithuania: in the shape of an acrylic flask, with a whirlpool of water rotating inside. Water flows through the fountain's wall, creating a unique sight. After dark, the fountain lights up in different colours.

The beautified Butrimonys Square has become a favourite place for everyone to relax. There are playgrounds for children, swings, outdoor musical instruments, a drinking fountain, and the charm of the symbol of the old square - a stone weighing 58 tons. In 1999, the inscription "For those who fought for the independence of Lithuania" was engraved on it.

Vytauto g., Butrimonys, Alytaus r.
GPS: 54.500997, 24.252714 (WGS)

Authors of photographs: G. Bernatavičius, D. Jakubavičius, A. Karlonas, A. Lavrėnovas.