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Alytus Old Town Square fountain


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The Old Town Square fountain has its prehistory. Before the Second World War, this place had residential, merchant, and artisan houses, which were bombed during the first German air raid of the Second World War. After the war, the house was not rebuilt, a square was formed. in 1956 it was named May Day Square in 1977. was arranged, a fountain was installed, and a monument to the Soviet actor Juozus Vitus was erected. in 1990 the monument was dismantled. in 2012 the colourful fountain compass, newly installed in the reconstructed square, was decorated with poems by the writer Jurgis Kunčinas. After dark, the fountain takes on different colours. In the spring, enjoying the freshness of the fountain, the benches of the square are occupied by couples of all ages who admire the blooming cherry blossoms here. After all, they symbolize love, the fleeting beauty of youth, the appearance of a new family member, and the arrival of spring, as it is one of the first trees to bloom each year.

Oil trail, Alytus
GPS: 54.399154, 24.048843 (WGS)

Photo authors: V. Kuchalskis, Z. Šilinskas.