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Alytus Regional Museum

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The Alytus Regional Museum was established in 1928. Modern and interactive expositions creatively tell the history of the region. Explore the dzūkas yard of the beginning of the 20th century. Visit the barn, explore the granary, listen to the Dzūkija dialect and touch the exhibits. Then - to proudly walk down the Vilnius Street of Alytus in 1915, slip into a tavern and feel the spirit of that time. The history of Alytus is uniquely presented by the exhibition "Life on the Side of the Nemunas". You can also tour the museum virtually - www.alytausmuziejus.lt/muziejus-turas

The museum hosts educational activities for students and adults.

It is recommended to check the opening hours of the museum before visiting.

GPS: 54.397854, 24.050482 (WGS)

Authors of photographs: B. Malaškevičiūtė, G. Tamošiūnienė.