VšĮ Alytaus turizmo informacijos centras

Alytus District

Alytus District is composed of 11 neighbourhoods. It is located in a beautiful place in Southern Lithuania. The Nemunas River, which is the largest river in the country, divides the district into two parts and leaves behind large forests that stretch over the banks of the river.
As an administrative unit, Alytus District was founded in 1950. However, the history of both larger and smaller towns, townships and villages dates back to older times. Some of them have the past of several centuries.  
Alytus District is proud of its rich cultural heritage, traditional events and crafts as well as marvelous landscape that suits for both recreation and travel. Here are more than 70 lakes, forests, the oldest national protected territory in Lithuania – Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, some parts of the Dzūkija National Park, the Regional Park of Meteliai and Nemunas Loops Regional Park.
Here one may find stunning nature, hospitable people, old crafts, up-to-date business enterprises, traditions and modernity.