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Stream tunnel of Motertis

Historical Buildings

At the end of the 19th century, during the construction of the railway from Poteronii station to the railway bridge over the Nemunas in Alytus, in 1898 a culvert was built in the Muiželėnai forest for Moterties stream. The wing-type culvert is made of hewn stones. Its length is 75.05 m (61.94 m below the bed), and its width - is 3.17 m. Portals - hewn rectangular stones. The vault of the semicircular arch is made of yellow clay bricks, the floor is made of stone. The internal height of the culvert to the top of the vault is different: in the upper part, the height is 5.03 m, and in the lower part - 7.00 m. The culvert is equipped with 10 cascades about 0.2 m high, which reduces the speed of the current.
The southeastern slope of the ditch at the high end of the culvert is reinforced with a retaining stone wall. Above, next to the railway track, a water collector of cut stones is installed in the drainage ditch, from which the water runs underground through a concrete elliptical pipe to the retaining wall.
The southwestern slope of the moat was not seriously reinforced, but a wooden water collector was installed in it. The date 1897 is engraved in the lock of the vault of the western portal (in the lockstone). The last digit of the date is forged from 6 or 7. The height of the embankment above the culvert exceeds 20 m, so longitudinal terraces (berms) were installed on both slopes of the embankment.
It is included in the Register of Immovable Cultural Values as a railway pass of Alytus village.

GPS: 54.388731, 24.101084 (WSG)

The author of the photo is G. Bernatavičius