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The surroundings of Miroslava in the Alytus region are famous for their glorious Jotvingian past. In ancient times, fearless, warlike Jotving tribes lived in these places. Their presence is evidenced by place names, mounds, and barrows that have survived to this day. This is also confirmed by archaeological research.
Miroslav is mentioned more actively in written sources in the 17th century. in 1744 the parish of Miroslav is founded, and this year is considered the date of the establishment of the town.
The town grew along the trade routes and the parish was being created. Initially, its inhabitants did not have to pay any taxes to the settlers, hence the name Slabada (it was the Russian word "свобода" meaning freedom). Later, the town came under the ownership of Miroslavski, the owner of Bendriai manor, and it was called Miroslav by his will.
19th century in the middle of Miroslav, there was a famous tavern in the area. It was built by the owner of the Common Manor. Beer was brewed in the manor, vodka was produced, and all this was sold in the tavern. The tavern was originally a "kashari" - a dormitory for the boys of the manor. Later, it was a place where three violinists played for visitors on Sundays and sometimes on weekdays.
in 2004 Miroslav was given a coat of arms, a silver rising chapel on a blue field with a golden cross at the top of the roof and a golden bell in the arch. This is the symbol of Miroslav, the former mountain of sacrifices, Olakalnis with a chapel. Today, Miroslav is the center of a district that fascinates tourists with its past and natural beauty. Lakes Atesio, Luksnėnai, Metelei, and Obeliaja, suitable for recreation, are located here, the Balkasodis botanical reserve was established, and part of the district belongs to the Metelii regional park. There are road signs pointing to many objects of interest, and information boards are placed near the objects.


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