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The tuberculosis hospital (called the health resort)

Historical Buildings

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In 1936, the Alytus branch of the Society for Tuberculosis Treatment decided to establish in the city a hospital-senatorium for tuberculosis patients. 16 houses, called „summerhouses“, were to be built in the Alytus pine-forest, with 35 beds for patients. In 1937, the first wooden house, a villa suitable to use in winter as well, was built and named Birutė.  A year later, a second such villa was built and named Gražina, along with 10 summerhouses. The small summerhouses could accommodate 2-3 patients. In 1939, a three-storey brick house with modern convienences and verandas was build and named Jūra.
Adjacent to the senatorium, near the Nemunas, there is a small cemetery. It is thought that the cemetery was already there in the 19th century. After the sanitorium was established, patients who died were buried in the cemetery.

Author of photograph G. Bernatavičius



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