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The Nemunaitis Tufa Exposures

Nature Values, Alytus district

The Nemunaitis Tufa Exposures can be found in the Nemunaitis village, the Nemunaitis district neighbourhood, on the right bank of the Nemunas valley, in the Sudvajai forestry. It is easy to find them – when you are already in Nemunaitis, go down to the Nemunas and just walk down along the riverside. These exposures are the most picturesque not only in the Alytus district but also in the whole Lithuania. The overall length of exposures is 900 m, width – 20-30 m, height – 1,2-10 m. One can see whitish, grey and brown harrowed stratums of tufa there. The first mention of these exposures was written in 1909.

Author of photographs B. Malaškevičiūtė


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