Church of the Transfiguration of Christ in Krokialaukis

Churches, Alytus district

A church was built in Krokialaukis prior to 1755. The parish was established in 1759. A parish school functioned in 1819. The design of a new masonry-construction church was prepared in 1857. A temporary church was built in 1858 because the old church was almost collapsing. The present-day church of brick and stone was built in 1869-1872, and consecrated by Bishop Antanas Baranauskas in 1899.
The church is in the Historicist style, of rectangular layout, two-steepled, with a rectangular presbytery, with a rectangular presbytery and lower sacristies adjoining it. The low narthex leading into the main facade was added after cunstruction of the church itself. Neo-Gothic and Neo-Romanesque elements are conspiciuous in the church‘s architecture. The most valuable objects of sacred art in the church are the Neo-Baroque altars made in 1890-1893by unknown craftsmen. Parts of decorative elements of the old Baroque altars were used to make the new altars. The organ was made in 1894 in Jan Szymanski‘s workshop. The Baroque-style bell, hanging in the northen steeple and decorated in bas-relief, was cast in 1730 in Vilnius by Carol Gottlieb Sparr and was placed in the church after the First World War.

Žuvinto g. 8, Krokialaukis, Alytaus r.
GPS: 54.435124, 23.764460 (WGS)

Author of photograph A. Lisinas


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