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Part of the old Jewish cemetery of Alytus

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The Jewish cemetery for Alytus Old Town (the part of Alytus on the left bank of the Nemunas) was in Smėlio Street, along which flowed a small stream separating the cemetery from the community‘s residential area. It is unknown how many burials were made in the cemetery. The area of the cemetery was 0.26 hectare. The Boundaries of the cemetery form a heptagon (a 7-sided shape). It is thought that the first burials were made in the first half of the 19th century; the oldest grave marker is dated 1852.
The cemetery has almost completely disappeared . Grave markers and mounds of grave backfill are no longer visible. There are only some remnants of the stone wall that had surrounded the cemetery.
The cemetery is listed on the Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Lithuania.

Smėlio g., Alytus
GPS: 54.398887, 24.043707(WGS)

Author of photographs B. Malaškevičiūtė