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Panemuninkai Scarp

Nature Values, Alytus district

The Scarp is in Alytus eldership, Panemuninkai village, Punia Forest, in the Botanical-Zoological Reserve of Nemunas Loop Regional Park, on the left bank of the river Nemunas. Panemuninkai Scarp, fully grown with trees and bushes, is 62 m high above the river Nemunas and 1.5 km long alongside the river. You can find it more easily from Oak Alley in Punia Forest, as it can be seen on the right if you walk on the river bank.
Yet, the Scarp is hard to find.
In 1997, this Scarp was announced as a geomorphological monument.

Photograph by https://nemunokilpos.lt/p/gamtos-paveldo-objektai