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Monument to those who died for the freedom of Lithuania in Meškučiai

Sculptures and Monuments, Alytus district

The idea to build a monument was offered on 16 February 1928, while celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Lithuanian independence. The idea was initiated by the members of the Riflemen's Union of Meškučiai, led by Alfonsas Remeika at that time. The monument was opened and consecrated on 18 May 1928. On 16 February 1956 two locals from the village raised a Lithuanian flag in a nearby birch. They were found, arrested and imprisoned. Circa 1960 the monument was secretly demolished and buried. In spring of 1989 men from the village excavated the remains of the monument, rebuilt it and fenced with a wooden fence. The monument was opened and consecrated on 27 May 1989.

Author of photograph D. Jakubavičius (https://kvr2.kpd.lt)