VšĮ Alytaus turizmo informacijos centras

Monument for Jews, executed in Pošnelė forest

Burial places, Alytus district

Jews had settled in Simnas in the early 17th c. Here they were provided with all settlement conditions in order to invigorate trade and business. They got on with the locals quite well. During the years of the World War II, on 12 September 1941 Germans executed 414 Jewish men, women, children and seniors in Pošnelė forest. The monument in memory of these people was built in 1965 (author – V. Krušna).

Pošnelės k., Simno sen., Alytaus r.
GPS: 54.354865, 23.637309 (WSG)

Photograph from archives Alytaus Tourism Information Centre


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