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Hundred-year-old oaks and the tallest pine in Punios Šilas

Nature Values

There is an alley of oaks growing in Punias šile, in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park, where some of the trees were planted in 1996. given the names of Lithuanian grand dukes and the most important historical events. Between them, in block 32, there are four-hundred-year-old oaks of Punia heath. Each of them has a diameter of about 1.6 m, a height of about 30 m, and an age of about 400 m. The oaks were declared protected in 1961. They seem to complete the "Princes' Oak Alley", which is lined up along the Nemunas in the southern part of the Pinewood of Punia, on the left bank of the Nemunas. "Alėja" is a naturally formed oak grove.
The Pinewood of Punia thick oak grows in quarter 12. It is thicker than other heather oaks: trunk circumference is more than 5.5 m, and height - 35 m. It was declared a natural monument in 1971.
The tallest pine tree in Punia, which until 2017 was considered the tallest in all of Lithuania, stretches 42.5 m and has been rustling for 170 years. It was declared a natural monument in 1971. The pine tree is not suitable for visiting, as it is difficult to access and is in a strictly protected reserve area.
GPS: 54.513478, 24.083154 (WGS)
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The author of the photos is R. Jakaitis