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Historic Nemunas Street

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This is one of the oldest streets of II Alytus. The old city market square (until the mid-thirties of the 20th century) was located at the intersection of Vilnius, Kaunas and Nemunas streets. After it was moved to a new, more spacious place, Vilnius and its nearby streets became a kind of block of merchants and administrative offices. Until the 20th century in the middle of the century, craftsmen, merchants and government institutions were established here. The board of the Alytus municipality was located on Nemunas Street. The northern part of the street has remained built in the 20th century. starting structures.
in 1944 after the Germans blew up the A. Juozapavičius bridge and until 1959 There was a ferry on Nemunas Street, leaning against the river bank. Later, until the bridge was rebuilt (rebuilt in 1967), a temporary pontoon bridge was built here. Now there is a pier in this place.
Nemunas Street is almost invisible, but it is a very important witness to the city's history. Near it is the Alytus manor, founded in the 15th century. in the middle or second half. The manor was the property of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

Nemunas St., Alytus
GPS: 54.400774, 24.049458 (WGS)

The author of the photos is L. Valentaitė-Gudzinevičienė