VšĮ Alytaus turizmo informacijos centras

Educational Programmes of Pivašiūnai Crafts Centre

Culinary, Alytus district

At Pivašiūnai Crafts Centre, a visitor will be offered an opportunity to form and bake himself/herself a small loaf of bread in a preheated bread oven, to churn up butter by using a Dzukian churn dash (buikelė), and taste it spread on freshly baked bread. Those who wish to learn what Dzukian taste is have an opportunity to prepare themselves potato loaves, buckwheat pies, cakes, dumplings, and small Christmas bite-sized hard biscuits (kūčiukai).
Fans of old traditional crafts and trades will have their chance too. They will be shown how to carve wood, make pottery, felt boots, weave various articles from withy or Dzukian baskets (kašikai), make candles and knit wool gloves and socks using patterns. 
At a small souvenir shop, even the most demanding will find a lovely handmade item to buy.
Working hours:  II–IV 9.00 am – 6.00 pm, V–VI 9.00 am – 3.00 pm